Intuitive Painting Workshops – The Yoga of Art Making


Traditional art classes tend to focus more on technique, pre-planning or a step-by-step process to achieve an end result. Intuitive painting is focused on the process and allowing yourself to be guided by whatever shows up on the canvas. Spontaneous art is a fun, empowering process rich in self-discovery, as it offers insights to our inner world.

Through the use of mixed media art materials, and by letting the intuition lead, we bring awareness to non-verbalized feelings and emotions that may need to come to surface and be expressed.



Intuitive painting is a spontaneous approach to art making. It is about connecting with your own authentic expression and cultivating your own creative style.

Workshops begin with a breathing meditation and a spontaneous creative exercise to get centered, quiet the mind and connect with your inner artist. As we explore some techniques to help you get started, inspiration may come from a colour, a word or emotion. While you relax into the process, stay present and let go of expectations of how your art "should" look; you will create your own unique, meaningful piece of Art. Intuitive painting workshops are for anyone at any level. Whether you are a beginner wanting to try something new, or a life long artist seeking inspiration, it has many benefits.


  • Honouring your intuition

  • Feeling more energized

  • Increased self-awareness

  • Letting go of perfectionism

  • Emotional and mental healing

  • Moving beyond limiting beliefs

  • Stress reduction and mood elevation

  • Learning to trust yourself by trusting the creative process

  • Breaking through creative blocks or re-inspiring creative pursuits

  • Letting go of the need for certainty and opening fully to the unknown

I offer private one-on-one and group sessions for adults and kids.

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