One Day in Thailand

I awaken to the sun kissing my face. Inspired by this new day and as part of my morning ritual I open the sliding glass door and take in the view. A rush of hot air envelopes me and I smile as my gaze shifts to the horizon. Big Buddha sits peacefully on the mountain watching over Phuket. A wave of gratitude washes over me as I seize the moment. I make an instant coffee to which I have become accustomed to; as long gone are the days of sipping on a Tall 3/4 full biggie..I'm in Thailand!

I head out to start my day as I make my way down from the 4th floor, the sound of flip flops loudly echoing throughout the stair well. The sun is hot, the smell of street food lingering and the hustle and bustle of traffic awakens the senses. Ahh...yes..busy intersection with no crosswalk..we meet again. I start to travel sans sidewalk beside the influx of vehicles as I patiently wait for my opening so I can sprint to the meridian. I'm startled and almost trip over a scooter taxi as he abruptly pulls in front of me to ask in Thai English "where you go?" I shake my head no and tell him "I'm walking" as I make walking gestures with my fingers. He takes off and I finally make it to the other side of the street...where I'm safe to live the rest of my day.

The sun is burning strong and I start to sweat as I continue my journey down the Soi. Feeling the love as I pass by the local coffee shop where I'm acknowledged with waves and smiles. I yell "Sawas dee Ka" as I return the greeting. My heart skips a beat as I'm met by a growling stray dog, but I'm quickly relieved as he decides that chasing a scooter is much more fun. I make it to my friends hotel which she has graciously offered to share with me as a studio. I settle in and continue to work on a project which I have been procrastinating to finish. Sitting on the couch and observing my painting as I seek inspiration to the placement of the next brush stroke; I'm prompted to look out the window by what sounds like prehistoric birds debating. Mesmerized by the soothing view of the lush green tropical fauna swaying in the breeze, any anxieties I have quickly dissipate. I decide it's time to take a break, re-energize in the sun and go for a dip. The refreshing salt water feels good on the sore muscles from yesterday's workout. I hop out of the pool, grab a lounger, put on my earphones and blissfully proceed to work on my glow. An hour passes and feeling inspired with a renewed sense of creativity I get back to work.

I lose track of time and before I know it the sun is setting and the day is gone. Feeling accomplished, content and with heavy eyes I start to drift. Just as I'm falling asleep I'm startled by what sounds like fireworks outside my balcony; which then sets off the pack of canines who seem to howl like clockwork every hour. In a daze, but not confused I remember it's Chinese New Year and continue my slumber. With eyes half shut I stare at the Gecko in the corner, he stares back at me and gives me chuckle. I know my little friend...Life is good!

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