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"ALIVE" - Acrylic on canvas 30" x 30" - SOLD

Floating in the Andaman Sea at sunset is beyond bliss. I feel ecstatic and filled with overwhelming joy. I float effortlessly, like being in a natural float tank, only my senses are heightened. The tepid water is not very refreshing, but still offers a soothing embrace. The salt feels cleansing for the body and soul. The warmth of my sun kissed skin; the sound and movement of the waves as I let go and connect with the ebb and flow. The laughter and smiles of others enjoying this same moment of freedom, and the intensely vivid hues of the dusk sky make me feel alive! My heart fills with love for everything and I feel at home.

#abstract #abstractart #abstractpainting #contemporaryabstract #vancouverartist #fluorescentart

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