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Tropical Buddha - Inspired by island life

The hot sun beating down and the loving embrace of the warm tropical breeze. The palm trees, oh how I love palm trees, and fresh coconuts and exotic fruit, oh, and don’t forget the smiles. There’s no rush as it’s as if there’s no concept of time. Be here now.. enjoy the beauty of the small, magical moments. Take in the lush green fauna, the bright flowers and the blue sky. Listen to the waves and the laughter as you float effortlessly in the turquoise salty ocean. No need to make appointments to meet up with friends, there’s just a flow as new ones come and go. The deep connections of fellow nomads with the mutual understanding that everything, everyone and every experience is transient. I get lost in the vortex of simplicity… with no yearning to go back to the matrix that is the Western world.

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